Precisely accurate
Our vending paper cups are precisely adapted to vending machines of different manufacturers. This allows for reducing paper cups getting stuck in vending machines.
Extremely strong
A paper of specific thickness is selected for each cup size, therefore, cups are extremely strong.
Completely waterproof
Cup formation technology helps to ideally form paper cups which are completely waterproof.
High-quality paper
Our vending paper cups made of only high-quality certified paper.
Environmentally friendly
Our vending paper cups fully decompose within 3 years or can be recycled, therefore, they can be used again.
Suitable for contact with food
The inside of the cups is covered with a material suitable for contact with food (PE).

Full Needed Size Complectation

6 oz (150 ml)

7.5 oz (150 ml)

12 oz (300 ml)

More Information

Capacity Height Brim diameter Pack quantity Packs per Case
6 oz / 150 ml 80,5 mm 69,9 mm 70 pcs 30
7.5 oz / 180 ml 90 mm 70,06 mm 75 pcs 30
12 oz / 300 ml 115 mm 80,2 mm 45 pcs 23

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