Natural materials
Standard PE layer is replaced with natural material obtained from nature.
Environmentally friendly
Self-degradable and suitable for composting.
High-quality paper
Our paper cups made of only high-quality certified paper.
Extremely strong
A paper of specific thickness is selected for each cup size, therefore, cups are extremely strong.
Completely waterproof
Cup formation technology helps to ideally form paper cups which are completely waterproof.
Different shapes and constructions
We can offer two different sizes and constructions of biodegradable paper cups.

Full Needed Size Complectation

8 oz (250 ml)

12 oz (300 ml)

More Information

PLA is a material certified by BPI (Biodegradable Products Institute) complying with EN 13432 and ASTM 6400 concerning compost standards.

You may create your own individual BIO paper cup design meeting the needs of your business. You may also choose cups designed by us or white cups.


Capacity Height Brim diameter Pack quantity Packs per Case
8 oz / 250 ml 95,2 mm 80 mm 60 pcs 23
12 oz / 300 ml 112 mm 89,8 mm 45 pcs 16

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