Extremely strong
Extremely strong and comfortable to hold high-quality paper cups that are pleasant to the touch.
Completely waterproof
Cup formation technology helps to ideally form paper cups which are completely waterproof.
High-quality paper
Our Double-Wall paper cups made of only high-quality certified paper.
Better protection
Double-Wall paper cups better protect against hot temperature and you can comfortably hold them in your hands.
Suitable for contact with food
The inside of the cups is covered with a material suitable for contact with food (PE).
Environmentally friendly
Our Double-Wall paper cups fully decompose within 3 years or can be recycled, therefore, they can be used again.

Full Needed Size Complectation

8 oz (250 ml)

12 oz (300 ml)

More Information

Capacity Height Brim diameter Pack quantity Packs per Case
8oz / 250 ml 95,2 mm 80,0 mm 25 pcs 23
12 oz / 300 ml 112 mm 89,8 mm 20 pcs 16

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